Integrated Battery Management Solution

connect apac battery

Power Management System (PMS) is in charge of controlling the electrical system. To make sure that the electrical system is safe and efficient, If the power consumption is larger than the power production capacity, load shedding is used to avoid blackout, now, Connect APAC provide Power Conversion System (PCS) and Battery Management System (BMS) for Data Centre, School, Telecommunications and hospital .

  • Scalable – From kWh to MWh, Nuvation Energy High-Voltage BMS manages up to 1800 VDC per battery stack and up to 36 stacks in parallel with the addition of a Grid Battery Controller.

  • Ensures Pack-Level Safety – Identifies cells that need servicing or replacement. Communicates with power conversion systems (PCS) and initiates preventive action to protect the battery and ensure safe operation.

  • Supports Static transfer switching and Automatic Transfer Switching