Mobile Security & Threat Defense Solutions

We strive to safe guard the relationship between businesses and consumers in our ever-expanding digital world. Our solution, powered by Zimperium, spearheads the mobile security and mobile threats defense industry by using advance AI Machine Learning that provides

Mobile Security Protection

Our mobile security protection is the world’s first mobile intrusion prevention system app that provides comprehensive protection for iOS and Android devices against mobile network, device and application cyber attacks.

Mobile In-App Protection

Our in app protection SDK secures enterprise owned mobile app from cyber attacks using immediate service risk assessments and threat alerts.

Organizations can minimize risk of their and customers’ sensitive data from being exposed and jeopardize by malicious fraudulent activities.

AI Security Guru

Connect APAC’s advance app Analysis evaluates the companies employee’s mobile devices on a continuous basis for any possible bridge and mobile app risk.

We provide intelligent insights into employee apps to define which are safe or risky and draft security policies to reduce them.